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For journalists, another sobering reminder…

August 6th · No Comments · 9/11, George W. Bush, Iraq, news media

… of how we got here: Jill Abramson’s sad admission Why did the  New York Times back down again and again and hold important stories? The reasons are infuriating. — Patrick L. Smith Also worthy of note: Heather Digby Parton on “Long slide into the abyss”: Cheney’s old pal Ahmed Chalabi is back And more media mess: Media Matters on How […]

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Catching up is good to do

June 23rd · No Comments · Inlet Grove Community High School, Iraq, South Florida Times

Just finished a great year with my Journalism students at Inlet Grove Community High School, plus two before that as managing editor of the South Florida Times. Now summer’s back again, I’m missing my students and the newsroom — so what better to do than pause and give thanks for all the good. It’s also a […]

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Juan Cole on Libya: Looking back. And forward

August 25th · No Comments · Iraq, Juan Cole

The illegal American invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation was so epochal a catastrophe that it spawned a negative phrase in Arabic, “to Iraqize” or `arqana…So how can Libyans and the world avoid the Iraqization of Libya? — Juan Cole, “How to Avoid Bush’s Iraq Mistakes in Libya” University of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole’s analyses on […]

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Michael Moore on ‘Good People backing Bad Wars’

September 16th · No Comments · George W. Bush, Iraq, news media, The New York Times

Where were all those supposedly liberal voices on Iraq? Michael Moore appropriately laments the betrayal by liberal voices that helped squander our national treasure and flush our economy down the toilet: Early liberal support for this war was the key ingredient in selling it to a majority of the public. I realize this is something that […]

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Alyssa Peterson: ‘The US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused To Take Part in Torture’

September 14th · No Comments · George W. Bush, Iraq, news media

Like Pat Tillman’s, stories such as U.S. Military Intelligence Spc. Alyssa Peterson’s break your heart. Especially because anyone not blinded by fear, ignorance and/or hate could easily see (despite the assurances of Judith Miller, Ahmad Chalabi, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and sadly, Colin Powell), that what our country was about to do to Iraq […]

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McChrystal out? Meet the new boss, same as Iran boss. Impeccable Afghanistan analysis @ juancole.com

June 26th · No Comments · Afghanistan, Iraq

I know. We don’t want to know. But we need to know: “Lessons of Petraeus’ Iraq for Petraeus’ Afghanistan” Iraq cannot be a model for victory in Afghanistan, and it isn’t even clear that there has been any meaningful ‘victory’ in Iraq. — University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole, “Thoughts on the Middle East, History […]

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