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Sara Haji spanks Maureen Dowd — and other insight from the minds of Muslim ladies at Muslimah Media Watch

July 20th · No Comments · InterFaith21.com, news media

That “Open Letter to Maureen Dowd?”  That’s what I was talking about at the conclusion of my last post over at InterFaith21. Our increasingly discredited “mainstream” news organizations continue feeding a diet of Faux News from the right and the Dowds and Tom Friedmans on the left. But the Internet is making accessible such folks […]

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McChrystal out? Meet the new boss, same as Iran boss. Impeccable Afghanistan analysis @ juancole.com

June 26th · No Comments · Afghanistan, Iraq

I know. We don’t want to know. But we need to know: “Lessons of Petraeus’ Iraq for Petraeus’ Afghanistan” Iraq cannot be a model for victory in Afghanistan, and it isn’t even clear that there has been any meaningful ‘victory’ in Iraq. — University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole, “Thoughts on the Middle East, History […]

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Hear, hear: Serious Iran analysis @ JuanCole.com

June 19th · No Comments · Iran

“The Greens are a Movement, not a Coup,” says the erudite U. of Michigan professor, in a 2-minute read that places U.S.-Iran relations in crystal-clear perspective. His “Informed Comment” blog at juancole.com routinely illustrates why our traditional news media have lost their monopoly on the attention of people who want to be informed rather than entertained.

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Baku posts on pause while I speak a bit

March 16th · No Comments · Azerbaijan, Baku, Organization of News Ombudsmen

For those who have been asking, yes I plan to be back with more on my journey to Baku, Azerbaijan for the Organization of News Ombudsmen. Thanks for the encouragement. For now here’s the always informative Aaron in Azerbaijan with links underscoring the serious journalism concerns I heard there. Meanwhile I’m gearing to fulfill commitments made before I went. […]

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Hear, hear…Top 10 Worst Things about the Bush Decade: Devastating analysis by Prof. Juan Cole

December 24th · No Comments · George W. Bush

For those who may have missed it, at “Informed Comment.”

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From Rep. Taylor to Commissioner Taylor to Tarra Pressey and Obama too

July 20th · No Comments · Priscilla Taylor

What a week. Between writing, editing, interviews, research, configuring social media sites, class and a few public events, I’ve yet to recover from meeting the impressive array of folks at last week’s Census Bureau summit. But here, briefly, are some notable items since then about which I expect to share more: The week really got […]

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