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Michael Moore on ‘Good People backing Bad Wars’

September 16th · No Comments · George W. Bush, Iraq, news media, The New York Times

Where were all those supposedly liberal voices on Iraq? Michael Moore appropriately laments the betrayal by liberal voices that helped squander our national treasure and flush our economy down the toilet: Early liberal support for this war was the key ingredient in selling it to a majority of the public. I realize this is something that […]

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Times: Mayor’s Stance on Muslim Center Has Deep Roots

August 13th · 1 Comment · 9/11, Islam, Muslim, news media, The New York Times

This piece limped to the finish. As if the editors feared catching flak too. But what a shame The New York Times wasn’t shedding this kind of light when Judith Miller and Ahmad Chalabi were cheerleading us into our disastrous invasion of a certain sovereign country that had no weapons of mass destruction, but does […]

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Hear, hear…Guardian’s Rusbridger on pay walls: ‘New media’ disappeared. They’re just media now

January 26th · No Comments · ONO, Organization of News Ombudsmen, Palm Beach Post, The Guardian, The New York Times

“In print, the Guardian is, even now, the ninth or 10th biggest paper in Britain. On the web it is, by most measurements, the second best-read English-language newspaper in the world. If the New York Times really does start charging for access, the Guardian may become the newspaper with the largest web English-speaking readership in […]

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News Ombudsmen, newspapers, news journalism declining in U.S. — even while surging abroad

July 12th · No Comments · ONO, Organization of News Ombudsmen, Palm Beach Arts Paper, Palm Beach Post, South Florida Times, Stockholm, Sweden, The Coastal Star, The New York Times, Washington Post

From our recent Washington, D.C. conference of the world’s news ombudsmen, I came away thinking that we members of the international Organization of News Ombudsmen don’t have The Answer for newspapers either. At least, not here in the USA. Our group’s president, Stephen Pritchard, reported that since last year’s meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, U.S. newspapers […]

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