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Juan Cole on Libya: Looking back. And forward

August 25th · No Comments · Iraq, Juan Cole

The illegal American invasion of Iraq and subsequent occupation was so epochal a catastrophe that it spawned a negative phrase in Arabic, “to Iraqize” or `arqana…So how can Libyans and the world avoid the Iraqization of Libya? — Juan Cole, “How to Avoid Bush’s Iraq Mistakes in Libya” University of Michigan Prof. Juan Cole’s analyses on […]

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Now, who will lay bare Rupert Murdock’s shenanigans on this side of the pond?

July 14th · 2 Comments · 9/11, Alan Rusbridger, Juan Cole, news media, Newspapers, The Guardian

The News of the World debacle is a huge media story — and in typical fashion, our “Fair & Balanced” major news media organizations generally don’t know how to deal with it. Namely, by stating the facts. Such as: “It seems increasingly likely that the techniques of bullying, coercion, spying, and the politics of personal destruction […]

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‘Our News and their News’

June 7th · 2 Comments · Juan Cole

Juan Cole pretty much says it re our depressing media landscape: Americans live in a late capitalist society where the rich have gotten many times richer and the middle class has gotten poorer, where Wall Street bankers have stolen us blind and blamed us for living above our means, where persistent unemployment is worse than […]

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Akbar Ahmed on Juan Williams, Juan Cole on sanity

October 21st · No Comments · Islam, Juan Cole, Muslim, news media

Juan Williams off NPR, Akbar Ahmed on Juan Williams, and Juan Cole making sense: “Next Williams will be announcing that he sympathizes with the white police officers who get nervous when they see people dressed like African-Americans traveling in automobiles.”

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