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Times: Mayor’s Stance on Muslim Center Has Deep Roots

August 13th · 1 Comment · 9/11, Islam, Muslim, news media, The New York Times

This piece limped to the finish. As if the editors feared catching flak too. But what a shame The New York Times wasn’t shedding this kind of light when Judith Miller and Ahmad Chalabi were cheerleading us into our disastrous invasion of a certain sovereign country that had no weapons of mass destruction, but does have plenty of oil…

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  • Stephanie

    THis is not about freedom of religion. The Imam and his followers have the right to build a Mosque in NYC, but , it is about a religion that complains about the way America sees them, as activists and not as they are, pacifists. From what I have read, Islam teaches them to not be strident and upset the infidels, when they are living outside of the holy land. If they really were true to Islam, they would not want to be rude or upset the people around them. That is what they are doing and by originally planning to open the new building on Sept 10th, we all know it. They have been offered other sites with funds to help build it. Would the governor offer to build a church or a jewish temple? No, of course not. This Imam is trying to stick his finger in our eye, and, I might add succeeding. The Imam should back off and move to another location in NYC. This new mosque is no where near where most of muslims in the city live. It makes no sense, they have mosques everywhere in this country, why there? They would have had no problems anywhere else. Even a few more blocks away. They are trying to make this a big issue to call America racist. I don’t care how many mosques they have, just so they don’t make me follow their laws and not let me build a church right next door. Islamists are the ones who have no religious freedom. Not the USA. Get over it Mayor, we are passed what you went through, unless the extremists in this religion take over Manhattan. Help them find another place in your city. Help them build it somewhere else. They are causing the people of this country to distrust them. The Imam needs to speak, but he won’t. That in itself makes many distrust his motives. Secrecy and not answering questions makes people suspicious. Why do you think the people are so upset with Congress and the health bill. It too was decided behind closed doors. Support their right to build a Mosque, but not in that area of the city. The Imam should speak out. If he really is a “moderate” he should not be so closely connected to the terrorists, Soros, Bill Ayers groups etc., and denounce loudly the violence against the non muslim world. From the papers, he said, we were culpable. Christians are always called on to denounce the radicals of our religion, out loud.. Why is it so few of Islam will do the same to the extremes of their religion. They must! That is not much to ask. Build it somewhere else! Unless you do want America to distrust you and not welcome you like they do everyone else in the world. Please, build it somewhere else, I beg you!
    Stephanie Mcnealy
    Customer Service Team

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