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Don’t like election results? This too shall pass

November 13th · Barack Obama, Florida Weekly, news media

Like every other Tom, Dick and Hanif, I too have thoughts regarding what President Obama called the “shellacking” of his Democrats by the Republicans. Thus my latest commentary in Florida Weekly’s Palm Beach Gardens edition, here, here, and click to see this week’s entire Digital Edition here. Or just keep reading:

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‘Michael The Black Man’ Sentinel ad for West, Rubio

November 1st · news media, Newspapers

Nice job Bob Norman, The Daily Pulp blog.

— C.B. Hanif

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Allen West, ‘American hero’? No, try Pat Tillman

October 31st · Florida Weekly, Newspapers

Per my latest commentary in Florida Weekly’s Palm Beach Gardens edition, here, here, and click to see this week’s entire Digital Edition here.

Said Mary “Dannie” Tillman, mother of the er, “other” hero: “I think they just thought if they spun the story and we found out, we’d just keep it quiet, because we wouldn’t want to diminish his heroism or anything like that. But, you know, nobody questions Pat’s heroics. He was always heroic. What they said happened didn’t happen. They made up a story. And so, you have to set the record straight.”

— C.B.  Hanif

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Gathering in the Gardens to demystify social media

October 25th · New Media, Social Media

My latest commentary in the new Palm Beach Gardens edition of Florida Weekly.

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Akbar Ahmed on Juan Williams, Juan Cole on sanity

October 21st · Islam, Juan Cole, Muslim, news media

Juan Williams off NPRAkbar Ahmed on Juan Williams, and Juan Cole making sense:

“Next Williams will be announcing that he sympathizes with the white police officers who get nervous when they see people dressed like African-Americans traveling in automobiles.”

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Here’s my inaugural column for Florida Weekly’s…

October 14th · Florida Weekly

… Palm Beach Gardens & Jupiter edition, my latest freelancing gig. Vol., No. 1 debuted last night during reception at Robb & Stuckey where guests included such folks as PBC Clerk of Courts & Comptroller Sharon Bock. For years Florida Weekly has been producing award-winning west coast editions delighting readers in Fort Myers, Naples and Port Charlotte. Our new local edition also features such longtime colleagues of mine as foodie extraordinaire Jan Norris, “Mr. Arts” Hap Erstein, Mary Jane Fine and Tim Norris. Check out Bradford Schmidt, Bill Cornwell and other outstanding writers covering the waterfront. In my weekly column I return to chronicling the local scene while having fun tackling issues and ideas cosmic and small. Also look for my special feature pieces from time to time. Look for Florida Weekly free at North County restaurants and other businesses, and online. Or subscribe. To my new (and former) regular readers: Thanks. Let me hear from you.

— C.B. Hanif

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Michael Moore on ‘Good People backing Bad Wars’

September 16th · George W. Bush, Iraq, news media, The New York Times

Where were all those supposedly liberal voices on Iraq? Michael Moore appropriately laments the betrayal by liberal voices that helped squander our national treasure and flush our economy down the toilet:

Early liberal support for this war was the key ingredient in selling it to a majority of the public. I realize this is something that no one in the media — nor most of us — really wants to discuss. Who among us wants to feel the pain of having to remember that liberals, by joining with Bush, made this war happen?

I’m no politician. But I am a professional journalist, who at the time was irritated beyond insubordination. I weep for the loss of human life thanks to our so-called liberal media. And like Moore:

I blame the New York Times more for this war than Bush. I expected Bush and Cheney to try and get away with what they did. But the Times — and the rest of the press — was supposed to STOP them by doing their job: Be a relentless watchdog of government and business — and then inform the public so we can take action.

Instead, the New York Times gave the Bush administration the cover they needed. They could — and did — say, ‘Hey, look, even the Times says Saddam has WMD!

With this groundwork laid, the Bush crowd ended up convincing a whopping 70% of the public to support the war — a public that had given him less than 48% of its vote in 2000.

And today? Our so-called news media are still making us sick (see here and here).

— C.B. Hanif

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Alyssa Peterson: ‘The US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused To Take Part in Torture’

September 14th · George W. Bush, Iraq, news media

Like Pat Tillman’s, stories such as U.S. Military Intelligence Spc. Alyssa Peterson’s break your heart. Especially because anyone not blinded by fear, ignorance and/or hate could easily see (despite the assurances of Judith Miller, Ahmad Chalabi, President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and sadly, Colin Powell), that what our country was about to do to Iraq was terribly wrong.

Also painfully clear was that as Americans we would pay terribly for what was being done in our name — though not as dearly as untold numbers of innocent Iraqis, and our fine servicemen and women.

A thank-you to reporter Kevin Elston, who would not let Alyssa Peterson’s story fade into the abyss like too many others; and to Greg Mitchell at The Nation, for reminding us of the injustice done her seven years ago this week.

— C.B. Hanif

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Quran Burning Story: How Media Embarrass Themselves

September 10th · Islam, Muslim, news media, Newspapers

As Jason Linkins is latest to confirm, this is a media story as much as anything:

Anatomy of an Epic Media Failure

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Hear hear: Media bolstering GOP/Faux News agenda

August 30th · news media

So, it isn’t just our imagination? Thanks Randy Shaw:

While right-wing media chooses stories that serve its political agenda, progressive media increasingly covers the same “news.”

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